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Infinity Clan APK Download: Play the Best Merging Strategy Game on Your PC or Mac

Infinity Clan: A Casual Strategy Game for Android

If you are looking for a fun and easy strategy game that you can play on your Android device, you might want to check out Infinity Clan. This game is developed by TG Inc. and it offers a unique merging system that allows you to build your clan and castle by combining smaller units into bigger ones. You can also recruit different heroes, train your troops, defend your land, and compete with other clans in various game modes. In this article, we will give you an overview of the game and its features, as well as some tips on how to play it better.

How to Play Infinity Clan

The basic gameplay of Infinity Clan is simple and intuitive. You start with a small plot of land where you can place buildings and units. You can merge two identical buildings or units to create a higher-level one. For example, you can merge two farms to create a granary, or two soldiers to create a knight. The higher the level of your buildings and units, the more resources and power they generate.

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You can also tap on your buildings and units to collect resources such as gold, food, wood, stone, iron, and gems. These resources are used to upgrade your castle, recruit heroes, train troops, and buy items. You can also use gems to speed up the merging process or unlock new buildings and units.

As you progress in the game, you will encounter enemies who will try to attack your castle. You need to defend your castle by placing heroes and troops on the walls. You can also attack other players' castles by sending your heroes and troops on missions. You can earn rewards such as resources, items, medals, and trophies by winning battles.

There are also various game modes that you can enjoy in Infinity Clan. You can participate in global online battles with other clans, enter the championship mode where you can compete for the title of the best clan, or play casually without any pressure or competition. We will explain more about these game modes later.

How to Build Your Clan and Castle

Merging Units and Buildings

One of the main features of Infinity Clan is the merging system. This system allows you to create higher-level buildings and units by combining two identical ones. You can merge buildings such as farms, granaries, barracks, archery ranges, stables, workshops, markets, blacksmiths, temples, libraries, towers, walls, gates, etc. You can also merge units such as soldiers, knights, archers, cavalrymen, catapults, merchants, priests, scholars, etc.

The merging system is very easy to use. You just need to drag one building or unit over another one of the same type and level. The two buildings or units will merge into one that is one level higher. For example, if you drag a level 1 farm over another level 1 farm, they will merge into a level 2 granary. If you drag a level 2 granary over another level 2 granary, they will merge into a level 3 mill.The higher the level of your buildings and units, the more resources and power they produce. However, you also need more space to place them on your land. You can expand your land by using gems or by completing certain quests. You can also rearrange your buildings and units by dragging them to different locations.

Merging is not only a way to upgrade your clan and castle, but also a way to unlock new features and content. For example, when you merge two level 10 barracks, you will unlock the archery range. When you merge two level 10 archery ranges, you will unlock the stable. When you merge two level 10 stables, you will unlock the workshop. And so on.

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There are also some special buildings and units that you can only obtain by merging certain combinations of other buildings and units. For example, if you merge a level 10 market and a level 10 blacksmith, you will get a level 1 temple. If you merge a level 10 temple and a level 10 library, you will get a level 1 tower. If you merge a level 10 tower and a level 10 wall, you will get a level 1 gate.

As you can see, merging is a fun and rewarding feature that makes Infinity Clan stand out from other strategy games. You can experiment with different merging strategies and discover new possibilities for your clan and castle.

Recruiting Heroes and Defending Your Castle

Another important feature of Infinity Clan is the hero system. Heroes are special units that have unique abilities and skills that can help you in battles. You can recruit heroes from different categories such as warriors, mages, healers, assassins, etc. Each hero has a rarity level that indicates how powerful they are. The rarity levels are common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic.

You can recruit heroes by using gems or by completing certain quests. You can also upgrade your heroes by using gold or by merging two identical heroes. The higher the level of your heroes, the more damage they deal and the more health they have.

You can place your heroes on the walls of your castle to defend it from enemy attacks. You can also send your heroes on missions to attack other players' castles. You can choose up to five heroes for each mission. Each hero has a stamina bar that indicates how many times they can participate in battles. The stamina bar replenishes over time or by using gems.

Each hero also has a skill bar that fills up during battles. When the skill bar is full, you can tap on the hero to activate their special skill. For example, some skills can heal your allies, some skills can stun your enemies, some skills can deal massive damage, etc. You need to use your heroes' skills wisely to gain an advantage in battles.

Heroes are not only useful for battles, but also for enhancing your clan and castle. Some heroes have passive abilities that can boost your resource production, increase your merging speed, reduce your building costs, etc. You can check your heroes' abilities by tapping on their icons.

Heroes are one of the most exciting aspects of Infinity Clan. You can collect different heroes, upgrade them, use them in battles, and enjoy their benefits for your clan and castle.

Developing Your Clan Members and Competing with Other Clans

The last feature of Infinity Clan that we will discuss is the clan system. Clans are groups of players who can cooperate and compete with each other in the game. You can join an existing clan or create your own clan by using gems or by completing certain quests.

By joining a clan, you can access various benefits such as clan chat, clan missions, clan wars, clan shop, clan rank, etc. You can communicate with other clan members through the clan chat function. You can also participate in clan missions that require you to complete certain tasks such as collecting resources, merging buildings or units, winning battles, etc. By completing clan missions, you can earn clan coins that you can use to buy items from the clan shop.

You can also join clan wars that pit your clan against another clan in a series of battles. The clan that wins more battles will win the war and earn rewards such as resources, items, medals, trophies, etc. You can also check your clan's rank on the global leaderboard that shows how well your clan is performing compared to other clans.

By developing your clan members and competing with other clans, you can make Infinity Clan more fun and challenging. You can also make new friends and share your strategies and tips with other players.

How to Enjoy Various Game Modes in Infinity Clan

Global Online Battle

One of the game modes that you can enjoy in Infinity Clan is the global online battle mode. This mode allows you to challenge other players from around the world in real-time battles. You can choose to attack or defend your castle, and you can use your heroes and troops to fight your opponents. You can also use items such as potions, bombs, traps, etc. to gain an edge in battles.

The global online battle mode is a great way to test your skills and strategies against other players. You can also earn rewards such as resources, items, medals, trophies, etc. by winning battles. You can also check your rank on the global leaderboard that shows how well you are doing compared to other players.

The global online battle mode is a fun and exciting mode that lets you experience the thrill of online multiplayer battles. You can also chat w


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