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Epson Iprint For Pc 12 PORTABLE

Now that google cloud is done. My phone is set up to print from my Epson 2720 seriesprinter via epson iprint. Now my Chromebook ( which has a different Google gmailaccount from my phone, will NOT let me print from my computor.My phone gmail is: (pagliachristine1@ chromebook is ( printer,chromebook & phone use the same wi-fi connection. My chromebook states wi-fi is connected. I dont understand what is going on. I tried removing the printer & adding it manually using the IP address. It would not let me add it. Help !!!

epson iprint for pc 12

my acer chromebook r 13 does not print to my epson WF-2750. They both are connected to the same network. When I hit print(control+P) the print destination just keeps spinning and never prints. Everything worked gloriously when i used google cloud print (bad google) I cannot find any resource to solve the error of the spinning and get it to print. I hope you may have a suggestion.Thank you kindly;Ash


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