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The wolfSSL TLS API doesn't require capabilities in the application manifest. However, if the application connects to an internet endpoint, the application manifest must include information about the connection. See Connect to web services for more details on enabling connectivity.

Wolf Hub.txt

The Azure Sphere SDK supports client-side wolfSSL TLS using a Microsoft provided client certificate or a certificate or your choice. The Azure Sphere SDK supports server-side wolfSSL TLS using only a certificate of your choice. Notable unsupported scenarios include:

An application can either use the built-in wolfSSL TLS support or use and link in another wolfSSL library implementation. However, mixed use of the built-in support with another wolfSSL library is not supported.

High-level Azure Sphere applications can use wolfSSL to create and communicate over a TLS connection. Applications typically must use a combination of the techniques to create and communicate over these connections.

After wolfSSL is initialized, it can load a certificate for use with the TLS connection. You can include the certificate in the application image package, as described in Add CA certificates to the image package.

The following example shows how an app can use Storage_GetAbsolutePathInImagePackage to get the path to a client certificate that is part of the application image package, and then call wolfSSL_CTX_load_verify_locations to load the certificate into wolfSSL. Note that the app must include the storage.h header file to use Storage_GetAbsolutePathInImagePackage.

To write and read data from the connection, the application can use wolfSSL_write and wolfSSL_read, respectively, as the following example shows. In this example, the write to the server contains a standard HTTP/1.1 request to retrieve the content of the page. The documentation at HTTP/1.1: Request ( provides a good overview of this structure. However, note that this document has been superseded and you can find more details on request structure in its replacement RFC 9110: HTTP Semantics (

Dr. Ima Wolf and the Countess of Transylvania have been hired by Universal Missions (a space services spinoff from Euphoric State University) to figure out where the company should send its next planetary lander. They're both fairly nocturnal and want to be able to work on the plans at the same time, but they have run into problems doing this in the past, especially on full moons. If they take turns, each one will spend a lot of time waiting for the other to finish, but if they work on their own copies and email changes back and forth things will be lost, overwritten, duplicated, or shredded by a wolf in the night. 041b061a72


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