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the new distortion control is a linear compressor with 3 different modes: off (default), low and high. the dynamic range of the signal is limited by the amounts of compression which is set by the amount and attack controls. the release time of the compressor is set with the 1.1 release control, which is either set to trigger a side chain valve and additional distortion control or a dedicated bypass for true bypass.

this virtual object behaves like a motion tracker or camera, but with a fade and playback function. you can use it for background music and video shooting, using a combination of gain transients, panning, green-screening, fade, zoom or object type, or you can make it move with up to 3 smooth movements. now theres a sophisticated camera tracking concept to support wireless setup of multiple cameras using 8 x16 matrixes. for this, the cameras are automatically detected and labelled and the matrixes can be easily configured using the newly added matrix slider control. the matrixes can be changed in real time, and additional preview functions offer quick and intuitive control. audio files can be directly applied to the matrixes. multiplane tracking mode is supported to make it simple for the user to combine several video sources and place them at different positions in the space. the multiplane tracking settings can be configured in the matrixes or the preset presets. both polygonal and spline support are also available for flexible settings and support of up to 9 points. new camera presets support kodak and nikkor models, and is fully automatically applied for setup and configuration. free presets are included for the models kodak, nikon and cannon.


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